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Wood Lane, Dublin.

Woods Architecture & Project Management have been appointed by Your Home from Home who operate a portfolio of luxury and corporate lettings across Dublin city to design an Aparthotel at a site on Wood Lane, Dublin.


The site comprised an end of terrace two-storey house with a two-storey return, a small gated yard to the south and a large industrial shed filling the entire landlocked portion of the site to the rear of the house. Apart from the house and the gate to the yard, the site has no other frontage to the public domain. The rear of the site is bounded to the north, east, south and partially to the west by adjoining properties and garden boundary walls. Designing an Aparthotel on the site of this nature presented a significant challenge in minimising perceived overlooking whilst maximizing daylight and sunlight within the hotel suites.

The scheme proposes two blocks arranged each side (east and west) of a central circulation core. the west block addressing Wood Lane is three storeys in height with the ground and first-floor levels completing the terrace line. The second-floor level sets back from the street line to form a balcony to the Suite at this level.

The rear (east) block was envisaged originally as a monolithic white cube of 11mX11mX11m hewn to fit on the site and to take advantage of the breaks in the adjoining buildings to steal daylight and sunlight for the hotel suites. The block has been reduced in height to better fit with the surrounding context, however, the scheme remains visually strong. It is proposed to apply a white frit to the glazing to the courtyards partly to address any overlooking both from within the hotel and from the adjoining buildings and partly to retain a sense of solidity to the interior of the block revealed by the carved courtyards.

The scheme proposes a monochromatic pallet of materials with a black brick finish to the west block addressing Wood Lane. the black brick was chosen specifically to juxtapose the scheme against the soon to be built much larger red brick and glass-clad hotel on the opposite side of Wood Lane. The east or rear block is to be finished with white brick along with the white frit on the glazing. The central circulation core will be finished with a mix of clear and white opaque glass block in order to soften the connection of the black and white blocks.

We received a grant of planning permission for the scheme in April and are hoping to move on to design development stage in the coming weeks.

Approx Floor Area: 700sqm

Approx Budget: €2.0m

Services Provided: Architecture.

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