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Ranelagh, Dublin.


Woods Architecture & Project Management were engaged by a private client to design a mews house on a very tight site in Ranelagh. The scheme proposes a two-storey brick-clad rectangular block with a shear angular cut along the southwestern boundary of Orchard Lane to form the façade addressing the lane. The solid brick-clad façade is broken down at the main entrance to the dwelling by the insertion of double-height glazing set back at an angle to the front façade. This allows natural light to the entrance hall, stairs, landing and master bedroom suite. The carport is set back from the façade line to further break down the solidity of the façade at street level. The introduction of the screened private terrace at first-floor level serves to introduce a degree of permeability into the block when viewed from the lane. Finally, the installation of the vertical screening at first-floor level to the double-height glazing and opening to the terrace re-establishes the façade line whilst allowing both natural light to enter the building and offering a degree of privacy to the residents.

To the rear of the dwelling, the form is broken down by the introduction of floor to ceiling glazing at ground floor level with a partial setback. Two punched hole opes are inserted into the façade at first-floor level, each with set-back glazing and screening installed on the façade line.

The roof form serves to mimic the roof forms on the adjacent mews dwellings. It is proposed however to clad the roof in a standing seam cladding in keeping with the modern aesthetic of the proposed dwelling. The scheme proposes the insertion of a skylight into the roof to allow the infiltration of natural light into the centre of the dwelling at first-floor level.


Approx. Floor Area: 97sqm
Approx. Budget: N/A
Services Provided: Architecture & Project Management

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